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What Do You Get from Our Professional maids service

Kitchen Cleaning

Your kitchen is both the easiest place to get messy and the hardest to clean. We clean stains from your countertop and cooking surfaces, as well as cabinet doors, dishwashers, and appliance exteriors. Cook in a clean space and be happy! You just have to let us handle the mess for you!

– Bathroom Cleaning

When was the last time you cleaned your bathroom? No doubt, you might have overlooked this chore for a long time. The great thing is, you don’t have to bother doing it yourself. Our bathroom cleaning at maids service 2 Match leaves this important area of your home, apartment, or rental, spotless for you!

– Living Area Cleaning

The cleaning of this area is vital to portray a clean and comfy place. This is why at maids service 2 Match we take our job of providing you with the best service, very seriously. Which – if you were wondering – does include carpet cleaning!

– Bedroom Cleaning

Maids 2 Match understands that a messy bedroom can diminish your ability to relax and enjoy the space. Say goodbye to dust and enjoy clean carpets and curtains. We got your back when it comes to dealing with things out of place in any of your favorite spots.

– Scrubbing Hardwood, Tile, and Laminate Floors

No matter the material of your floor, we got the specific products to clean every single one. Call Maids 2 Match and get ready for the best cleaning services in your city.

– Surface Dusting

Yes, we take care of always annoying dust, every room! Stop sneezing and breathe calmly in your home.

– Carpet Vacuuming

The hassle and tedium you might experience when facing this chore can be overwhelming if you happen to have a busy day. Say goodbye to that and let us handle your carpet with great care!

– Laundry Room Cleaning

Laundry rooms and entryways are heavy traffic areas in most homes. If yours is like many others, it could use professional laundry room cleaning services to be organized and look presentable!

What Do You Expect?


Make the decision to having a spotless home, apartment, or rental, and call us immediately. Any doubts you might have regarding our services will be answered, and in less time than you think, you’ll have a solution that fits your budget and urgency. Maids 2 Match is a trustworthy company that wants to see you relaxed and enjoying life. Our agents will treat you with sympathy and will recommend the best cleaning process to you.


Punctuality, discretion, and the right cleaning equipment make up the whole panorama of the cleaning process. If you can’t be present when the cleaning takes place, do not worry, as our team is 100% trustworthy and reliable. You’ll receive real-time alerts so you can know exactly what’s going on. Don’t miss any detail of the cleaning service with Maids 2 Match!


We assure you that the results will be impeccable. Every space will look as spotless as possible and even look like a new place! If by the end you’re not satisfied with our services, then don’t worry, as we have a 200% money back guarantee if displeased.

Talking About Our Affordable Maid Services

– Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee you 100% satisfaction. If not, we have a 200% money back guarantee.

– Quality Control

It’s not only about cleaning, but also about providing a service that benefits you, your family, or any person who would step into your home, apartment, rental, and other spaces we work with. We want to win your trust so we can get a call back from you next time, and the time after that!  

– Our Full Attention

Maids 2 Match goes beyond simple work. Our services are a comfort, dedication, and above all, a space being cleaned by professionals that understand the importance of an unblemished home.

– A Family Business

History backs up Maids 2 Match, one of the most popular cleaning services in the Plano area that is always ready to help you, almost as if you were part of the family that built this kingdom of cleanliness and happy lives. At Maids 2 Match you get compromise and execution.


“Calling ‘strangers’ to clean your home is definitely not as creepy as it sounds, less if you’re hiring the Maids 2 Match cleaning services! They make you feel 100% comfortable and they do an incredible job! They’ve saved my life several times by now, I would recommend it to anyone that doesn’t have any time on their hands to even dust off a table.”

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